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June 5, 2017 (tl;dr)

When you heard IRWG was co-sponsoring our Network Gathering at #AMC2017, you were like

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And if that wasn’t enough to get your invisible airplane flying, we’re also getting married (to the struggle)! We’re registered at Honeyfund. Buy us something to celebrate our commitment!

We’re pleased as punch to partner with the University of Michigan Institute for Research on Women & Gender (IRWG) to give you the summer jam experience of your dreams. IRWG’s sponsorship means that we’ve reached our priority fundraising goal, and can now focus on gathering funds for attendees’ accommodations. Have you donated yet? Have you asked your financially stable homies to give a tax deductible gift?

And for our friends coming in from Ann Arbor, welcome to the show! Make sure you register for the conference as well as for the FemTechNet Network Gathering (two separate registrations).


Still need a place to stay? We can hook you up! Just let us know by commenting on this doc[a][b].

Questions about getting around in town? FTN is ridesharing! Let us know your coordinates and we’ll swoop down and pick you up.


We’ll meet from 10am-5pm on June 15 in McGregor B in the McGregor Memorial Conference Center on Wayne State University’s campus.

The FTN team is planning a full day of activities for you, whether you’re there in person or attending virtually. All you need to do is bring your body and be open to the awesomeness. If you plan on attending virtually, please let us know so that we can get our tech straight. You can comment directly on this doc if that’s your sitch.

We’re eating breakfast and lunch together, and we know that you’re vegan, and gluten- and dairy-free. We also know that you like to have someone sing a happy song to your food before you eat it. We’ve got you covered there. If you have any other dietary needs, or if you’re fasting for Ramadan, or if you just want us to know something about food, please let us know immediately. We are working with caterers now.

And we’ll end here with a programming teaser: DC Comics has nothing on our Multiverse. #FTNgoldenlassooftruth


The FTN@AMC Team