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Congolese woman and child flee burning village

Congo Wallpaper*

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DEATH: laptop | cell phone

REFUGEES: laptop | cell phone

FAMINE: laptop | cell phone

WAR: laptop | cell phone

RAPE: laptop | cell phone

For your cell phone, we bring you the latest in luxury décor; with our deeply covetable iconic Congo Wallpapers, you're never going to be mainstream. On your laptop, the simple elegance of our Congo Wallpapers will get your fingers tapping in wild admiration. Strictly for discerning individuals who demand that their home in cyberspace be designed as tastefully as their own home.

Congo Wallpaper* on Laptop and Cell Phone

Do the Congo! For the past 10 years, the indispensable necessity of laptops and cellular phones to a contemporary mobile lifestyle has been paid for in Congolese blood. Containing over 80% of the world's coltan, an essential mineral required for wireless communication, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been the travel destination of choice for Western backed miltias intent on exploiting its third world mineral charm for corporate plunder.


Congo Wallpaper*, Free

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