A Tutorial

“A Rhizomatic Wisdom Project” tests our rhizomatic logic through a cohesive webproject divided into four interlinked sections. As you begin, you will read an overview and introduction that provides a theoretical background for the site. “A Relay”, “A Gateway” and “An Entrance” are the introductory paths that set up the project.

After the introduction you will enter a cave. Then you decide which initial path to take by selecting one of the four author names. These names represent four distinct courses of action. You may choose one path, but we have purposefully interlinked the sections. While each meditation, or author site, creates a text out of inappropriately linked smaller text, the larger project is the linking of our meditations to document a shared mood. Navigation proceeds as it would through any hypertext; there is no correct order of pages. Do not expect a linear site; we try to open a space for rhizomatic logic through innappropriately linking.